Back…to the Future?

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What would your childhood self think of who you’ve become today? I recently stumbled upon an old journal of mine as I was doing some spring cleaning.  And in typical procrastinator fashion, I took a “break” from cleaning to slump onto the floor against my bed and “quickly flip through” the diary…

The Sorcerer

On her 30th birthday, Nimali met a sorcerer.  This was quite unexpected, as she had stopped believing in magic – like many – in childhood, once Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy turned out to be elaborate hoaxes.  And she had discarded her cherished fantasy novels back in high school, when the … More The Sorcerer

Self Help

Wraina was a precocious little girl.  She noticed things, like how her father’s breath stunk of whiskey on the nights that he had to “work late” or how her mother’s voice rang with false cheer when saying “I’m fine, and you?” to acquaintances in town who asked “How are you?” She sensed the tension that … More Self Help


During recess, Hannah Miller asked Kiran Patel if he would like to play “Shipwrecked” and pretend they were the only two people stranded together on a desert island.  She stood on a mound of wet grass surrounded by a large pool of dark rainwater, her frizzy brown hair whipping in the wind, olive eyes wide … More Shipwrecked

Magical Mystery

I felt the magic for the first time when I was 11 years old. Lounging on the sofa one lazy Sunday afternoon, I complained that there was nothing to do, annoying my parents with my dramatic sense of ennui. My father was cleaning out and reorganizing the drawers of our entertainment system furniture; the drawers … More Magical Mystery

That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling The churning in your gut That simply leaves you reeling Because you know you’re in a rut?   The smile painted on your face Starts to flake and crack Peels off to leave an empty space A void limitless and black   You take stock of your life And … More That Feeling

5 Random Adventures to Rekindle Your Whimsical Spirit

Do you ever feel sapped of your spontaneity? There are always things to do, and some of the more interesting adventures are not as costly as one might think. With a whimsical spirit, the little things in life can turn into random adventures. I thought I’d share five such experiences of mine in the hope … More 5 Random Adventures to Rekindle Your Whimsical Spirit