Ode to Eagle Rock

We did it, what so many people in LA aspire to do: own a single-family home in a cute, walkable neighborhood with good schools. After a long, tireless search through the valley and into the hills, within the city and around its suburbs, my husband and I finally bought our house in Eagle Rock two … More Ode to Eagle Rock

Spanish Honeymoon: Granada Getaway

Granada, Spanish for “pomegranate,” is a charming city, with the old town nestled against the hillside of the spectacular Alhambra palace. Pomegranates grace the heraldry of the city, from the signage to the sewer caps, and dangle from trees on boulevard medians. Cobblestone alleyways wind around shops and taverns and eateries. Moorish architecture mingles with … More Spanish Honeymoon: Granada Getaway

Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea’s clear, turquoise waters are home to some spectacular snorkeling sites. Although snorkeling had been on my bucket list for many years, I hadn’t yet found the chance to try it. The opportunity finally arrived on my second to last day in Jamaica. TW and I were enjoying brunch at our resort, Riu … More Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

Jammin in Jamaica – Kingston and Bob Marley Museum

Kingston, Jamaica’s capital and largest city, is also home to Bob Marley’s former residence. TW and I booked a Kingston tour through our resort, Riu Reggae. We had expected Kingston to be a bustling hub of Jamaican culture, brimming with craft markets and institutions rich with artistic or historical significance. Alas, Kingston did not live … More Jammin in Jamaica – Kingston and Bob Marley Museum