The Elegant Web

The universe In its scintillation of stars Threads together webs Of dazzling fates Karmic forces Like the lofty laws of physics Perpetuate and transform The motion of our lives Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction Every Faction Has an Equal and Opposite Attraction The forces of the universe Manifest in mysterious ways Due rewards … More The Elegant Web

If You Let It

Life could be so beautiful If you let it Love could come so easy Don’t you get it? We tremble like pebbles in a quake In the shadows of our fears Allow a coup of anxiety to seize our mind And reduce our joy to tears We build walls and reinforce them Since we feel … More If You Let It

The Awakening

When the day winds down Into a shadowdance sunset And flickers of firelust crackle in my mind I close my eyes And see your face. ♦ You stare at me with rusty-penny eyes Timeworn and true Only two thoughts in your mind Penny for your thoughts? But just your gaze is enough. ♦ When the … More The Awakening

That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling The churning in your gut That simply leaves you reeling Because you know you’re in a rut?   The smile painted on your face Starts to flake and crack Peels off to leave an empty space A void limitless and black   You take stock of your life And … More That Feeling