One Piece at a Time

Jan woke up to the scratchy tickle of a tumbleweed rolling over her face. It was a strange sensation. Like she was trapped in some underworld where scribbly creatures danced over dead bodies. When she opened her eyes, she saw a solid block of gray—a blank nothingness. But then she turned her head and saw … More One Piece at a Time

Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea’s clear, turquoise waters are home to some spectacular snorkeling sites. Although snorkeling had been on my bucket list for many years, I hadn’t yet found the chance to try it. The opportunity finally arrived on my second to last day in Jamaica. TW and I were enjoying brunch at our resort, Riu … More Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

Jammin in Jamaica – Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon, a glowing body of water in Jamaica’s Montego Bay area, is a spectacular natural wonder. The lagoon derives its radiance from a phenomenon known as bioluminescence, meaning the light is generated from living organisms such as marine creatures, fungi, or microorganisms. With the help of Ingrid, the tour planner at our Riu Reggae … More Jammin in Jamaica – Luminous Lagoon

Jammin in Jamaica – Seven Mile Beach and Rick’s Café

Negril, a town on the western coast of Jamaica, is known for its beautiful beaches.  My friend TW and I explored Negril by way of Seven Mile Beach and the famous Rick’s Café. We booked the tour through our resort, Riu Reggae. Shoutout to Ingrid – our awesome tour planner! The Driver After a resort … More Jammin in Jamaica – Seven Mile Beach and Rick’s Café