D.C. Days – A “Monumental” Experience: Day 1

Amidst a high-stakes election season fraught with hostility, malaise, and apathy, my first visit to Washington D.C. was an unexpected breath of fresh air. I guess sometimes it helps to return to our roots. The surplus of historical monuments and sites may have become mere wallpaper to many who live and frequent D.C., but for … More D.C. Days – A “Monumental” Experience: Day 1

Gratitude Amid Chaos

Michael Brown and Ferguson.  ISIS.  Deadlock in Washington.  Ebola.  School shootings.  The list goes on. 2014 has been a tough year.  Even more than usual, the news seems to be brimming with intense conflicts and heartrending tragedies.  Yet we must find reasons to be grateful.  In spite of all the troubles – or, in fact, … More Gratitude Amid Chaos

The Voice

Originally posted on Cup of Whimsy:
When he closed his eyes real tight, so tight that his heavy eyelids seemed to disappear into his straining ocular muscles and perhaps into the serpentine folds of his brain itself, so tight that the fleshy red-black sensation of shuteye-sight faded into the deeper and darker black of spilled…

The Ebb and Flow

Originally posted on Cup of Whimsy:
Some days, weeks, or even months, are simply uneventful.  They pass quickly, in a steady rhythm of industry, sprinkled with modest pleasures and small stresses.  They remain devoid of any major developments, with no excitement to speak of.  But do not lose heart, for this is when the groundwork…

Blue Note

A sweet, blue clarinet melody slipped through Rashmi’s open window like a velvet ribbon carried in on a breeze. The sultry strain of music wrapped itself around her softly, so softly, as she sat on the sofa reading a novel. Rashmi set down the book and pressed her eyes shut as the smooth notes caressed … More Blue Note

Self Help

Wraina was a precocious little girl.  She noticed things, like how her father’s breath stunk of whiskey on the nights that he had to “work late” or how her mother’s voice rang with false cheer when saying “I’m fine, and you?” to acquaintances in town who asked “How are you?” She sensed the tension that … More Self Help

The Fire

Every so often the universe sends you a period of cold, aching loneliness that forces you to look inward. There you will find the scraps of kindling required to ignite that passion you’ve been putting off for so long, that dream that flickered weakly like dormant embers in the midst of constant social distraction. Stop … More The Fire

Wyoming Wonders

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Maui, Hawaii (which I posted about here), and more recently I had the privilege of traveling to Wyoming, which offered a completely different brand of natural beauty. While Hawaii boasted the lush, exotic splendor and gorgeous seasides of a tropical locale, Wyoming’s appeal lay in its … More Wyoming Wonders