One Piece at a Time

Jan woke up to the scratchy tickle of a tumbleweed rolling over her face. It was a strange sensation. Like she was trapped in some underworld where scribbly creatures danced over dead bodies. When she opened her eyes, she saw a solid block of gray—a blank nothingness. But then she turned her head and saw … More One Piece at a Time

D.C. Days – A “Monumental” Experience: Day 3

A Morning Stroll With one morning left to soak in D.C. before our afternoon flight back to LA, EZ and I joined our D.C. friends on a stroll through some beautiful neighborhoods. Charming row houses stood shoulder to shoulder like a proud group of friends. They ranged from austere brick to colorful Victorians, with stylish … More D.C. Days – A “Monumental” Experience: Day 3

Volunteer Resolution

This housing project was once known for gangs, but I honestly don’t see that. I see loving families struggling to find a better life. Two years ago, I was ready for a positive change and made a New Year’s resolution to volunteer. When I started tutoring kids here, I found a sixth grader reading at … More Volunteer Resolution

A Many-Splendored Thing

When Godfrey Chasm woke up on Sunday afternoon with crusty eyes and cottonball-mouth, he felt groggy but relieved. He hadn’t slept a wink for almost two weeks, not when thoughts of his newly minted ex-girlfriend, Lenora Lymehart, tormented him like a storm crashing down upon a man already drowning. But last night, somehow…last night, he had … More A Many-Splendored Thing

Dropping Some Truth Bombs About Mass Shootings

We fear external terrorists such as Al Qaida and ISIS that spew hatred via religious extremism, and we respond to such threats full force…yet when it comes to actual, regular attacks from domestic terrorists, such as shooters whose violent hatred stems from certain types of social extremism (e.g. racism for the Charleston shooting, misogyny in … More Dropping Some Truth Bombs About Mass Shootings

Back…to the Future?

Originally posted on Cup of Whimsy:
What would your childhood self think of who you’ve become today? I recently stumbled upon an old journal of mine as I was doing some spring cleaning.  And in typical procrastinator fashion, I took a “break” from cleaning to slump onto the floor against my bed and “quickly flip through” the diary…