Moroccan Honeymoon – Medina of Marrakech

The Kingdom of Morocco served as the second destination for my honeymoon with EZ. Spain had been the first—by way of Madrid, Granada, and Sevilla—providing a pleasant, leisurely escape. But Morocco was different, stimulating our senses and charging each moment with possibility. Alert and alive with all that was new, we found our Moroccan honeymoon … More Moroccan Honeymoon – Medina of Marrakech

Spanish Honeymoon: Sauntering in Sevilla

Sevilla, te amamos! What a fun city…as the third stop on our honeymoon tour, Sevilla delivered the best tapas, funky bars, quirky characters, soulful music, religious enthusiasm, and alluring street art, all amidst a backdrop of rich history—the royal palace, the cathedral, the Jewish quarter, and so much more. Before I continue, you may be … More Spanish Honeymoon: Sauntering in Sevilla

Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea’s clear, turquoise waters are home to some spectacular snorkeling sites. Although snorkeling had been on my bucket list for many years, I hadn’t yet found the chance to try it. The opportunity finally arrived on my second to last day in Jamaica. TW and I were enjoying brunch at our resort, Riu … More Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean