So you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole…

Welcome to Wonderland. My vision for Cup of Whimsy is a space where the whimsy and wonder of life are captured in ramblings, short stories, poetry, photographs, and any other medium that tickles my fancy (though I’ll try to suppress my urge to post a video of my interpretive dancing…ain’t nobody want to see that).

But every day reveals life’s curious quirks, its fanciful forces, its baffling beauty (Can you tell I have an affinity for alliteration? Not to mention parenthetical asides). And if life does not seem to reveal these things to you, why, you must infuse life with them! After all, we are but a part of life, and we must also impart the universe with our own sense of creativity and spontaneity and romance and ridiculousness. Life is too short to not be weird and whimsical every once in a while.

So welcome, explore, relish, and don’t be surprised if things are not always what they seem.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. I loved your story of “instant” coming of age in the occasion of family reunion. Brilliant! Profound and whimsical. And you made me discover Balla music:-)

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