Moroccan Honeymoon – Medina of Marrakech

The Kingdom of Morocco served as the second destination for my honeymoon with EZ. Spain had been the first—by way of Madrid, Granada, and Sevilla—providing a pleasant, leisurely escape. But Morocco was different, stimulating our senses and charging each moment with possibility. Alert and alive with all that was new, we found our Moroccan honeymoon … More Moroccan Honeymoon – Medina of Marrakech

Spanish Honeymoon: Sauntering in Sevilla

Sevilla, te amamos! What a fun city…as the third stop on our honeymoon tour, Sevilla delivered the best tapas, funky bars, quirky characters, soulful music, religious enthusiasm, and alluring street art, all amidst a backdrop of rich history—the royal palace, the cathedral, the Jewish quarter, and so much more. Before I continue, you may be … More Spanish Honeymoon: Sauntering in Sevilla

Spanish Honeymoon: Granada Getaway

Granada, Spanish for “pomegranate,” is a charming city, with the old town nestled against the hillside of the spectacular Alhambra palace. Pomegranates grace the heraldry of the city, from the signage to the sewer caps, and dangle from trees on boulevard medians. Cobblestone alleyways wind around shops and taverns and eateries. Moorish architecture mingles with … More Spanish Honeymoon: Granada Getaway