Jammin in Jamaica – Snorkelers of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea’s clear, turquoise waters are home to some spectacular snorkeling sites. Although snorkeling had been on my bucket list for many years, I hadn’t yet found the chance to try it. The opportunity finally arrived on my second to last day in Jamaica. TW and I were enjoying brunch at our resort, Riu Reggae, on the patio overlooking the infinity pools and the ocean. It was a gorgeous day, with dreamy white clouds making inventive shapes in the blue sky. We watched tourists boating and paddle boarding in the water and decided it was time to enjoy some watersports of our own. Within minutes, we were booked for snorkeling at the nearby activities booth ($30, including gear). Within a half an hour, we were on the shore, ready to roll.

As our boat conveyed us to the snorkeling location, we looked back at the resort behind us.


When we arrived at the initial site, the guide explained how to properly fit the gear onto our faces and feet. Since this was my first time snorkeling, the act of breathing solely through my mouth and not my nose felt unnatural. In fact, it made me a little nervous.

But soon, TW and I had stepped gingerly down the stairs of the boat and into the shockingly blue sea. And we joined the others in dipping our heads below the surface. After a few instances of spitting out saltwater that had crept into my tube, I began to get the hang of it. My proximity to fresh air helped me relax.







I was astonished but what lay under the sea. It was like a whole new planet! The colorful coral reefs were bustling cities with whimsical architecture. Schools of shiny and striped fish flurried through invisible intersections congested with traffic. We humans were like giant birds, not worth a glance from the communities of fish around us.






Some of the snorkelers had the foresight to bring bananas from the resort. Not for a personal snack…but to feed the fish. That’s normal, right? Fish eat land fruit? Will they mutate into some weird fish-ape hybrid?

TW got a hold of a banana and swam with purpose in search of a fruit-loving fish.


The boat took us to a second snorkeling site, and we spent more time exploring the underworld. I couldn’t shake the feeling that we humans took our Earth for granted. There are so many dazzling, alien places on our own planet!

And now, for a musical interlude.

When it was time to re-board the boat and chart our course back to the resort, I felt a sense of accomplishment and wonder. The mood was further brightened by the awesome guide, who started blasting Michael Jackson and decided to show off some moves.


A perfect end to a fantastic experience under the sea!

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