Volunteer Resolution


This housing project was once known for gangs, but I honestly don’t see that. I see loving families struggling to find a better life.

Two years ago, I was ready for a positive change and made a New Year’s resolution to volunteer.

When I started tutoring kids here, I found a sixth grader reading at a first-grade level; another didn’t know how to multiply. One discouraged girl said about her future, ‘There’s always McDonalds.’

But no one’s beyond help. They just need a little encouragement. We teach them never to be ashamed and that every problem can be broken down. Many don’t recognize their own talents.

When the lightbulb goes on in their heads, I get a burst of energy. I see progress in tiny steps, the seeds of self confidence, something I hope they’ll carry for life.


Learn more about the Let’s Read program in Pueblo Del Rio at https://www.gofundme.com/PuebloLetsRead

Are you in the L.A. area and interested in volunteering? Get involved at http://www.laworks.com/ 


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