Dropping Some Truth Bombs About Mass Shootings

We fear external terrorists such as Al Qaida and ISIS that spew hatred via religious extremism, and we respond to such threats full force…yet when it comes to actual, regular attacks from domestic terrorists, such as shooters whose violent hatred stems from certain types of social extremism (e.g. racism for the Charleston shooting, misogyny in the Isla Vista shooting) and/or is distorted by mental illness, we brush the attacks off as another heart-breaking tragedy, but do NOTHING to prevent the inevitable next one from occurring.

If we are so concerned with protecting American lives, then we need to start on the home front, because these mass shootings are unacceptable…young school children, high school and college students, movie-theater goers, church members…these are all regular, innocent, American people who were torn from their loved ones and never got the opportunity to live out their full potential because a hateful, unstable young man so easily got his hands on a gun.

And I can’t understand how people are accusing others of politicizing deaths when most of those who speak out are not trying to “benefit the party,” but are only trying to figure out a solution to prevent more murders. If you don’t agree with the proposed solution, offer a more effective one of your own…but in any event, we all need to unite to create a solution to this problem because mass shootings are on the rise. And at least in an effort to quell the hate (which has become more accessible and easy to spread via the Internet), perhaps we can all agree that shutting down the hateful rhetoric is a good place to start, and try spreading the love instead.

Here’s Jon Stewart dropping some more truth bombs:


Penny for your thoughts? :)

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