Back…to the Future?

This week, I turned 30. After fearing this intimidating age for the better part of my life thus far, I’ve realized that this is actually the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever felt. While my life is still in progress and there is plenty I have yet to achieve, I am happy with how far I’ve come. Here’s a look back at the musings of my 14-year old self. (Spoiler alert…I didn’t turn out miserable and alone at 30!)

Cup of Whimsy

What would your childhood self think of who you’ve become today?

I recently stumbled upon an old journal of mine as I was doing some spring cleaning.  And in typical procrastinator fashion, I took a “break” from cleaning to slump onto the floor against my bed and “quickly flip through” the diary kept by my 14-year-old self (I’m 27 now).  I ended up poring over the pages with fascination for the better part of an hour. A few things I noticed:

I wrote a lot back then.

Somehow Young Me was able to tap into her flow of emotions on an almost daily basis and write multiple pages for each entry, whereas now I struggle with writer’s block on a frequent basis. Young Me loved exclamation marks, superfluous adverbs and adjectives, rhetorical questions, and parenthetical asides ( I still seriously, completely love informative, clever parenthetical asides!! Who wouldn’t?).  And Young Me reveled in using…

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