The Ebb and Flow

Take heart, my friends…. 🙂

Cup of Whimsy

Some days, weeks, or even months, are simply uneventful.  They pass quickly, in a steady rhythm of industry, sprinkled with modest pleasures and small stresses.  They remain devoid of any major developments, with no excitement to speak of.  But do not lose heart, for this is when the groundwork is laid.  As long as you are working toward something – whether it be a professional goal, personal growth, or a social ideal – these little steps will add up over time.

And then one day, something will happen:  the universe will present you with a choice, a chance.  Maybe you are ready; perhaps you are not.  You can take the risk and throw a stone into the still waters of your life, and see how far the ripples will take you.  If you end up flailing in tempestuous seas, then you grow stronger, wiser, and more grateful for the blessings…

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