Message in a Bottle

Flashback Friday…be spontaneous, my friends! 🙂

Cup of Whimsy

Sail Away, Sail Away

The idea of a message in a bottle has always intrigued me. Imagine – your thoughts, a piece of you, encapsulated in glass and riding the currents of the ocean, floating and bobbing through the glittering blue-green abyss like a tiny toy boat, until the Universe decides it is time for it to be discovered.  You  decide what to write, what to express, and the forces of nature will  determine who will be the lucky recipient of your message. Perhaps it will be someone in the next city, or halfway across the world, or no one. Perhaps it will be tomorrow, or 10 years later, or never.

Sending out an S.O.S.

Several years ago, when my friends and I were younger and a bit cash-strapped, we became more creative in our pursuit of fun.  We didn’t have as much money to spend on entertainment, so I…

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