Bucket List for a Normal Day

The idea of a bucket list – a list of adventures and achievements to complete before one “kicks the bucket” – is a wonderful way to fill your life with…well…life.  But what about the days when we can’t go sky diving or take a trip to France or start our own business?  What about the normal work days, the lazy days, the sick days, the humdrum days, that fill the spaces between more exciting occurrences?  I believe every day should be an adventure…and that we can find joy and splendor in the simplest of moments.

Here is my bucket list for a Normal Day.  I hope you make one, too!

1. Notice the morning dew glittering on the flowers and plants around you.

2. Sip a hot cup of tea or coffee with eyes pressed shut while listening to your favorite song.

3. Say “good morning” with eye contact and a genuine smile on your face (notice this comes after the coffee; I’m trying to stay realistic here!).

4. Take time to show appreciation to someone – whether it is praising their work, complimenting their fashion sense, or thanking them for any way they have made your life easier or better.

5. Whatever the weather or season, find a way to enjoy some aspect of it. Turn your face up to the sun to soak in the warmth. Let the cool breeze tickle your face. Breathe in the floral scents of new blossoms. Jump into a crunchy leaf pile. Throw a snowball at a tree.  Admire the icicles dangling from the eaves.

6. While making small talk with a stranger (in the elevator, at the coffee shop, at the store, etc.), make a joke or share a funny anecdote that will bring a smile to their face.

7. Read an article that broadens your view of the world.  Psychology Today, Mental Floss, and NPR are a few good options.

8. Watch the sunset – whether you are in your car, at work, or at home – take the time to look at the horizon as the sun sinks away to the other side of the world, and marvel at the color-stained twilit sky.

9. Exercise to your favorite heart-pumping music.  During your workout, visualize yourself dancing on stage like Beyonce/Justin Timberlake amid the thunderous cheers of the crowd.

10. Spend time – whether in person or through some form of communication – with someone you really care about, whether it is a family member, friend, or significant other. Be present and in the moment. Listen carefully, speak sincerely, and laugh often.

11. Spend at least 15 minutes on a hobby – whether it is writing, playing guitar, shooting hoops, or model ship building. We all need a creative/active outlet and a chance to hone our crafts.

12. Enjoy a modest, sweet treat while reading a good book or watching a favorite show. If the weather is nice, you can read outdoors for added pleasure.

13. Fall asleep while thinking of the day’s highlights and all the people and things in your life for which you are grateful.


What’s in your bucket list for a normal day? Share your ideas in the Comments section below!


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