Thank You…Yes, YOU!

Dear Reader,

One year ago today I finally stopped idly thinking “I should start a blog” and actually sat down and did it. I didn’t expect anyone to read it, except maybe a few friends now and again. Instead, I’ve been overwhelmed and gratified to find all you wonderful followers who regularly check in on my posts, as well as you explorers who merely stumble upon one by chance and give it a read before going  on your merry way. You’ve all motivated me to write more often, dream more grandly, and live more fully. It’s been an honor to share my imagination, experiences, thoughts, and other expressions in this virtual space  and know that there are real, live people who actually read, perhaps enjoy, and possibly even appreciate them!

And so I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for following, stopping by, reading, sharing, commenting, liking…what have you. I truly appreciate your interest and interaction. May you always find the world’s wonderful whimsy and may you relish in life’s serendipity, mystery, and magic!




3 thoughts on “Thank You…Yes, YOU!

  1. I like your blog Furless One….I wondered why I never saw your posts, then I decided to edit the blogs I follow and found out my posting alert fur you was off! (Fixed that)! Keep posting!! (*purrs*)

    1. Thanks!! I am honored to receive such attentions from a higher species such as yourself, oh Furry One. I am also keen to follow your misadventures with the Humans and learn more about your fascinating feline world. =)

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