Magical Mystery

Reblogging this in honor of the Beatles’ 50th anniversary in the U.S. =)

Cup of Whimsy

I felt the magic for the first time when I was 11 years old. Lounging on the sofa one lazy Sunday afternoon, I complained that there was nothing to do, annoying my parents with my dramatic sense of ennui. My father was cleaning out and reorganizing the drawers of our entertainment system furniture; the drawers were teeming with assorted old cassette tapes and a hidden stash of chocolates.

“You can help me clean this up,” he said. But I just groaned with pre-teen angst and lay prone on the sofa. Undeterred, my dad began to shuffle through the cassette tapes as he began his project, popping one into the cassette player and cranking up the volume. This is when the magic began.

All at once, the world around me shimmered with a bright, harmonizing energy. My ears twitched, and I emerged from the soft darkness of the sofa cushions feeling…

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