She couldn’t write in her fevered state, beads of sweat collecting on her forehead like dewdrops on a spring rose, for every time her aching, swollen fingers scrambled across the keyboard, they simply sadjflsaidf akfjlda;sdijf a;sldjf;lskdj fjskld;afudsif sjfkla;sdkfj sdkjf sdf.s dfsdjiao. But in her mind, that meant something – a secret code, a cosmic language. In her heart, she felt she had written the fortunes of the universe, had bestowed upon mankind the ancient elusive knowledge of ajklf;asdlifj sa;ldjf;alksdjfuiea. Her ragged breaths shuffling like a thousand gusts of wind, she pressed her heavy eyelids shut and dreamed splendid dreams, for she was the guardian, she was the magi, the teller of jfsldfjskl;kdjfssdfijslidfjsd, the dealer of sjkdlf;dsijf;isdfjlsa;dfj, the keeper of sjdflisdjf;sa.


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