The Awakening

When the day winds down Into a shadowdance sunset And flickers of firelust crackle in my mind I close my eyes And see your face. ♦ You stare at me with rusty-penny eyes Timeworn and true Only two thoughts in your mind Penny for your thoughts? But just your gaze is enough. ♦ When the … More The Awakening

The Fire

Every so often the universe sends you a period of cold, aching loneliness that forces you to look inward. There you will find the scraps of kindling required to ignite that passion you’ve been putting off for so long, that dream that flickered weakly like dormant embers in the midst of constant social distraction. Stop … More The Fire

Wyoming Wonders

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Maui, Hawaii (which I posted about here), and more recently I had the privilege of traveling to Wyoming, which offered a completely different brand of natural beauty. While Hawaii boasted the lush, exotic splendor and gorgeous seasides of a tropical locale, Wyoming’s appeal lay in its … More Wyoming Wonders