That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling

The churning in your gut

That simply leaves you reeling

Because you know you’re in a rut?


The smile painted on your face

Starts to flake and crack

Peels off to leave an empty space

A void limitless and black


You take stock of your life

And wonder how you got here

No sweet elation or tragic strife…

Just monotony and fear


Fear of potential that’s been squandered

Perhaps you’ve missed a turn

On the path that you’ve long wandered

Or is this a pit-stop for you to learn?


Is it time to start moving on?

And if so, move on where?

Is your lust for life now dead and gone?

Do you no longer care?


All you really want to know

Is how to get the magic back

Where did the zest, the marvel go?

It’s that childlike wonder you lack


You yearn for the old innocence

That once filled you with zeal

The conviction that life makes sense

Full of wonders and mystic appeal


Despite our limited knowledge

We saw magic in everything

Possibility was the world’s pledge

We found logic in our imagining


But when the “real” world rushed to bite us

We got trapped in its massive jaws

All the logic made sense on the surface

But it brought chaos with its laws


We know what we’re “supposed” to do

But then why do we feel so lost?

It seems we don’t have a clue…

We appear functional, but at what cost?


We’ve turned into automatons

And find small pleasures where we can

But why can’t we seize the passions

That are gripping, glorious, grand?


The practical still has its place

But so, too, does the dream

A thrilling pursuit, but not a race

The light of life to make you beam


If only we were not afraid

To explore the unknown

Let the sensible existence fade

And no longer be a drone


You may start to lose control

Of the life you lead

But life will lead you to your goal

Once you have been freed


So step away from that work desk

And slowly learn to fly

Unless, like me, you have another task…

But I can still dream, can’t I?


Penny for your thoughts? :)

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