That Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling The churning in your gut That simply leaves you reeling Because you know you’re in a rut?   The smile painted on your face Starts to flake and crack Peels off to leave an empty space A void limitless and black   You take stock of your life And … More That Feeling

The Movement

Pari hated parties. She much preferred curling up on the sofa beneath her apple-print afghan with Bartholomew, her black lab, and watching reruns of Arrested Development. Or re-reading the Harry Potter series while sipping chamomile tea. But in truth, that’s what her life had come to: reruns and re-reads. A sweet but stale cycle. It … More The Movement

One Song

Universe Uni-verse One song One throbbing, humming melody One phantasmagoric symphony A diamond mine of glittering stars Marble planets scattered afar Moon and sun dance like queen and king Each one brightly burning, singing A trillion heartbeats keeping time The pulsating percussion of life So many notes, so many frequencies Different colors, different energies Yet … More One Song