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My Worst Date Ever – A Tragicomedy


Re-posting my worst date ever in honor of V-Day! Enjoy :)

Originally posted on Cup of Whimsy:

A few years ago, I had a bad date. And not just any bad date; a ridiculously bad date. So, of course, I documented it. I suppose this is the lemonade I made from the giant lemon life handed me. Apologies for the dated material, but I think that while I hated it, you will enjoy my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad date.


January 2011

I was working out at the gym, and was having trouble adjusting the settings on a machine due to my lack of strength and/or coordination. A kindly meathead noted my struggle and gave me a hand. Later, as I was leaving the gym, he followed me out. Apparently he had been calling out to me for quite some time without me realizing, since I had my headphones in with Michael Jackson “hee-heeing” at full blast. When it finally registered that I was being pursued…

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My Man’s Best Friend


Sprawled on a blanket over the cold, dusky sand, I watched my man and his best friend bound across the beach in the amber glow of twilight. It was one of those achingly sweet moments: the silhouettes of my two loves against the silver sea and waning light, sharing the exhilaration of wild abandon, carving their parallel paths toward the vast, endless ocean…then back around toward me…coming right back to me…


Gratitude Amid Chaos

Michael Brown and Ferguson.  ISIS.  Deadlock in Washington.  Ebola.  School shootings.  The list goes on.

2014 has been a tough year.  Even more than usual, the news seems to be brimming with intense conflicts and heartrending tragedies.  Yet we must find reasons to be grateful.  In spite of all the troubles – or, in fact, because of them, it is especially vital that we remember all the good that exists in the world, and to allow our gratitude to bring us joy while also empowering us to bring joy to others. The more people are grateful and pay it forward, the more positive change will sweep through the world like a mighty tornado in rewind, constructing and improving everything in its path.

I’m sure each of us can think of things in our lives for which we are thankful – family, friends, health, jobs, homes, food, nature, simple pleasures.  If any of these suddenly disappeared from our life, how much harder would life become?  And what can we do to make life easier and more rewarding for others?

Here are a few reminders that there are some incredible people who bring beauty and cheer to the world. Hopefully we can be inspired by them and count ourselves among them!

NFL legend Aeneas Williams is leading volunteers of all races, creeds, and walks of life in repairing and rebuilding Ferguson. Of course, many of the city’s residents have also volunteered to help on their own…after all, the shops and places that were damaged (mostly by out-of-towners) are their neighbors, their community.  Source: TMZ

The people of West Africa – students, parents, cooks, health workers, taxi drivers, faith leaders, etc. – have been doing what they can to help areas suffering from Ebola outbreaks, like delivering food to hospitals and teaching people how to prevent and treat Ebola. Many around the world have also reached out to offer assistance. Source: One.org


Malala Yousafzai, though shot by the Taliban at age 15 for promoting girls’ education and blogging about life under Taliban occupation, continues to fight terrorism by working with others to bring education to children all over the world.

LOVE is winning. The folks over at the Supreme Court were courageous enough to uphold justice and equality by clearing the way for more Americans to commit their hearts and lives to each other. 

These are just a few examples of people making a difference and giving the world more to be grateful for. If you’d like to be inspired by more positive stories, check out these links:





Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! :)