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The Ebb and Flow


Take heart, my friends…. :)

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Some days, weeks, or even months, are simply uneventful.  They pass quickly, in a steady rhythm of industry, sprinkled with modest pleasures and small stresses.  They remain devoid of any major developments, with no excitement to speak of.  But do not lose heart, for this is when the groundwork is laid.  As long as you are working toward something – whether it be a professional goal, personal growth, or a social ideal – these little steps will add up over time.

And then one day, something will happen:  the universe will present you with a choice, a chance.  Maybe you are ready; perhaps you are not.  You can take the risk and throw a stone into the still waters of your life, and see how far the ripples will take you.  If you end up flailing in tempestuous seas, then you grow stronger, wiser, and more grateful for the blessings…

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Autumn in California


It’s that time of year again… :)

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Don’t hate
Just because we alternate
Between argyle sweaters and tank tops
Knee-high boots and flip flops
Rainy-day movies and mountain-top hikes
Heated cars and beachside bikes
Crunchy leaf piles and picnics on grass
Pumpkin spice lattes and a cold beer glass
For all this, East Coasters yearn, yeah?
Gotta love autumn in California

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Message in a Bottle


Flashback Friday…be spontaneous, my friends! :)

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Sail Away, Sail Away

The idea of a message in a bottle has always intrigued me. Imagine – your thoughts, a piece of you, encapsulated in glass and riding the currents of the ocean, floating and bobbing through the glittering blue-green abyss like a tiny toy boat, until the Universe decides it is time for it to be discovered.  You  decide what to write, what to express, and the forces of nature will  determine who will be the lucky recipient of your message. Perhaps it will be someone in the next city, or halfway across the world, or no one. Perhaps it will be tomorrow, or 10 years later, or never.

Sending out an S.O.S.

Several years ago, when my friends and I were younger and a bit cash-strapped, we became more creative in our pursuit of fun.  We didn’t have as much money to spend on entertainment, so I…

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blue ribbon

Blue Note

A sweet, blue clarinet melody slipped through Rashmi’s open window like a velvet ribbon carried in on a breeze. The sultry strain of music wrapped itself around her softly, so softly, as she sat on the sofa reading a novel. Rashmi set down the book and pressed her eyes shut as the smooth notes caressed her, a song of frosty fires and longing looks.

When the music stopped, she let out a tiny gasp, her eyelids fluttering open as though someone had shaken her awake from a pleasant dream. She waited for a few minutes, but the music did not resume. A lone teardrop shivered upon the lower rim of her right eye. After a moment, she picked up her book. But that wasn’t right; she stared at it uncomprehendingly, as though it had transformed into an assembly manual in a foreign language. She set it back down.

Rashmi’s fingers began to itch. She flexed them several times, then picked up a pen and a notebook. This was good; yes, she was on the right track.

Flipping to a fresh page, she began to write. The blue ink looped and scrawled across the page like a ribbon somersaulting on a gust of wind. The ink stained her skin like a smear of crushed berries, but this only made her feel more alive. By the time Rashmi was done, the sky had blackened, and a drafty chill from the window set her teeth chattering. Admiring her work with deep satisfaction, she tore out the word-stocked pages of her notebook.

Then she crumpled all of these notebook pages together into a big ball and hurled it out the window, not knowing where it might land. The best was the not knowing.


The Light That Went Out

Within each of us burns a light

A force, a brightness

Pulsing and flashing

To the beat of its own drum

Along with every other soul on Earth


If you could see our power

If you could only see…

It would look like ten thousand diamonds glittering in the fire

Grand, sprawling oceans illuminated by sea stars

All the eyes in the world mirroring the sun

A throbbing vitality

A profound passion

A cosmic energy


New lights are always emerging

Old lights are always fading

Until one day, they go out


But sometimes


One light shines and glows with such radiance

Flashes a kaleidoscope of hues with such brilliance

Whirls like a dazzling dervish with such effervescence

And casts so much of its luster on all the other lights

Like a magnificent, blazing sun

Sharing its brightness with all the spheres in the sky

That it conceals so well

The darkness gnawing within


And when this spectacular light

This scintillating dynamo

This iridescent splendor

Finally goes out


The magnificent, blazing sun

Suddenly reduced to a candle

Extinguished with a pinch

Its presence is felt more deeply

By the deep, dismal darkness of the shadow

Cast by its loss